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Rumble in the Alley is a balls-out, meat-eatin' collection of gearhead punk rock and roll. Rumble in the Alley, held in Baltimore, was a true hot-rod, beer-swilling, bad assed, high decibel bowling extravaganza! All five bands on the comp cranked out the rock on the center lane. Features two exclusive tracks from each:
Alabama's blues-rock guitar army the QUADRAJETS
strip-poker cow punkers the TWIN SIX
psychobilly lunatics JOHNNY LOVE & SPEED
Satantonio, TX's distorto-punk/blues/country-fried CHAPSTICK
and tire-smoking redneck monster truck of a band IRONBOSS

01 Quadrajets – Nervous Fear
02 Quadrajets – My Baby Wants To Die
03 Twin Six – Gettin Lucky At Boots Saloon
04 Twin SIx – Higher Powered
05 Johnny Love & Speed – Booze Party
06 Johnny Love & Speed – Monalakahikihulamonalakaha
07 Ironboss – Rumblin Man
08 Ironboss – Sunshine On My Knife
09 Chapstick – Queen
10 Chapstick – Velvet Oprah

Cover art by Mitch O'Connell

Pressing Information

Limited edition CD sold at the event (leftovers available here!)