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One can imagine these blue-blood noblemen enacting a far different Boston Tea Party, dumping case after case of Kid Rock albums into the harbor by moonlight, cloaked under powdered wig. "This tyranny shall not stand! Long live Roque!" they cry, as thousands, upon thousands of worthless discs sink to the bottom of the water. It has been said that the landed gentry cannot play the working man's music, and that men in breeches, buckled shoes, white make-up, ruffles and lace might cringe at holding the devil's instruments, but Uppercrust offers a hearty rebuttal to such claims in the court of Roque. Consummate showmen, exemplars of chivalry and enlightenment, regal, dashing, and with an ear for AC/DC backbeats and Young brothers' riffage, these four have re-emerged from their estates with a two disc effort capturing them live, wigged and rocking in the classical sense of the term. On their third disc - Motherland releases notwithstanding, they pay tribute to the finest selections from previous albums "Let Them Eat Rock" and "The Decline and Fall of the Uppercrust", coupled with cunning new anthems such as "We're Finished With Finishing School", "Once More Into the Breeches", "Luncheon", "Matron". Check the socially conscious "20 Paces" - a plea for gentlemen to adhere to the proper art of dueling, a definite thumbs-down to the modern practice of the drive-by shooting. For those that think roque and roll is not the millieu of the wealthy, please refer to this disc as empirical proof that, oh yes, the rich, too, can rock. When their coach makes its way to your town, bear that in mind.

Track Listing
1. Intro
2. Let Them Eat Rock (MP3)
3. Little Lord Fauntleroy
4. Rock and Roll Butler
5. Rabble Rouser
6. High Falutin'
7. Persona Non Grata
8. Boudoir
9. Paradise Lost
10. Gourmet Love
11. Old Money
12.Tell Mother I'm Home
13. We're Finished With Finishing School
14. Cream of the Crust

1.Once More Into the Breeches
2. She Speaks the Vulgar Tongue
3. I've Got My Ascot And My Dickie
4. 20 Paces
5. Who's Who of Love
6. Eureka, I Found Love
7. Luncheon
8. Matron
9. Intro
10. Bleed Me
11. Heirloom
12. Little Rickshaw Boy
13. Everybodys Equal

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