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Whether taking the stage naked with his balls lathered in shaving cream, howling into the mike with mouse-traps dangling from his ears, or doing headstands on a club PA stack in a platinum blonde wig or shower cap, Shannon Selberg's career with the Cows was anything but subtle, he has always been a one man Chinese fire-drill.
When the Cows called it quits at the tail end of 1998, after almost 12 years of sonic mayhem around the globe (including 9 full lengths and countless EP's), Selberg found himself in New York City without a band. More importantly, he was without a forum for his twisted, unpredictable Vaudeville act.
Enter the Heroine Sheiks, New York's finest.
Layered with left-field keyboards, an incredible tight and heavy rhythm section, and also boasting former Swans/Foetus guitarist Norman Westberg, the Heroine Sheiks cherry pick the finest points of both the New York art/scum scene and the Cows lysergic punk, and from that radioactive sea-foam comes a purely distilled, crystallized neo-noise-rock handbook for the millenium, “Rape…on the Installment Plan”. It's a brilliant fusion, a who's who band that actually gets it right.
With a 7" on Amphetamine Reptile, and a number of key shows under their belts (they played CMJ’s “Best New Bands of New York” and headlined at the SXSW music festival), the Heroine Sheiks entered the famed LoHo and Schoolhouse studios in NYC to record their debut album for Reptilian Records, “Rape…on the Installment Plan”.
This is only the beginning.

Norman Westberg- Guitar (played with Swans, Lydia Lunch, and Foetus)
George Porfiris- Bass (played with Tucker, Ultra Bide, and Liquid State)
John Fell- Drums (played with Kelly Township, Polo Pony, Velour, and China Shop)
Scott Hill- Keyboards (has released a solo CD)
Shannon Selberg- vocals (fronted the Cows for 12 years)

1 Wandering Mongrel
2 Nuclear Jeannie
3 Okkk?
4 Jew Jitsu
5 Space Invader
6 Was A Man
7 Let's Fight
8 You Never
9 I Got Doubts
10 Effity Eff

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