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As with a pot of water left simmering above fire for too long, Anger
Management - Cutthroats 9's second disc - boils over, rather explodes, with searing heat and violence. With his previous outfit Unsane, Chris Spencer (guitar/vocals) assisted in pioneering a more aggressive, less studied direction for noise rock, and for that matter, hardcore and extreme music in general. While developing the blueprint for noise-metal bands to follow, Spencer cut a remarkable, hearing damaged swath through underground music, inspiring a devoted, cult-like following around the globe for a decade. As a power trio, Unsane relied upon a hammering, power-press rhythm section, Spencer's searing six string howl, and distorted vocals that resembled nothing if not the sound of a man trapped in the New York Subway system. And as the principle songwriter, vocalist, and founder of Unsane, Spencer has dropped precisely that amount of weaponry on the table with Cutthroats 9, with plenty extra in tow. In fact, this trio of dangerous men ratchets up Unsane's intensity level, harnessing a dynamo of fear, rage, chaos, and vengeance, with each track barely escaping derailment and destroyed equipment. Live, Cutthroats 9 is another story, where smashed drums, trashed guitars, and a general splintering of gear is a nightly experience.
Recorded at the world famous Record Plant in Los Angeles - who'd have thought? - Anger Management is quite easily the most brutal album ever engineered at that fortress of million dollar Fleetwood Mac budgets. With this six song disc, Cutthroats 9 are putting all the pansies and fakers back in their place.

01 Prey
02 Believe
03 Bleed
04 This
05 Vacant
06 Saw It

Heavy noise rock outfit featuring Chris Spencer of UNSANE

Digital Download available on the LAMB UNLIMITED page on BANDCAMP

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500 blue vinyl 10"s with hand screened covers - VINYL SOLD OUT