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“My friend had a bad twentieth generation bootleg of an old Mexican western called The Cutthroats9. It was the bloodiest goriest thing I’ve ever seen, and I don’t know if it was the copy we had or what, but the entire screen was red.” So Chris Spencer vocalist/guitarist explains the impetus behind the naming of his latest musical vehicle. Like their namesake, the band known as Cutthroats 9 cut down their listeners with violent riffs, distorted bass and explosive drumming. The result is evidenced on the band’s self-titled debut, perhaps the soundtrack to the bloodiest movie you’ve never seen.
Spencer is a well known name throughout musical circles as the main creative force behind Unsane, legendary New York band who can claim influence in the creation of noise rock, post-hardcore and sludge. Unsane were a monster in their own right, releasing records on Matador, Atlantic, AmRep, and Relapse, touring with metal demigods Slayer and even becoming an unlikely MTV buzz band due to a memorable music video culled from footage of bone breaking skater wipe-outs. Eventually dissolving in the late 90’s Spencer and Unsane bassist Dave Curran regrouped in San Francisco, recruiting second guitarist Mark Laramie and drummer Will Carroll to form the Cutthroats.
Retaining the harsh urban tone of their previous unit, the Cutthroats9 take a stride forward adding driving rock riffs, a more diverse arsenal of sound effects and polyrhythmic percussion. The debut was originally released on Man’s Ruin Records shortly before that label folded. Left without the benefit of distribution, promotions or publicity, this masterpiece of aggression managed to slip by virtually unnoticed by press. However, due to the band’s strength as a live unit, completing four U.S. tours and selling through the initial pressing at shows, there was a strong demand for the re-release, which thanks to Reptilian Records, is widely available to bloodthirsty ears worldwide.

1 Dirty
2 Testify
3 Move
4 No Restraint
5 Can't Do A Thing
6 Lost
7 In The Eye
8 You Should Be Dead
9 Changed
10 Always A Way
11 .357
12 Sludge

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