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What the fuck comes from Buffalo? Wings? Snow? Bills? Hell, I couldn’t find one good thing about Buffalo until I heard the Blowtops.

A four piece hailing from upstate NY, the Blowtops, harken back to the noise-core/trash rock heyday of the early 90’s. Think Pussy Galore, the Crome Cranks and Action Swingers with a dose of The Scientists, dreched in reverb and high end feedback. A cover of Big Black’s “Deep Six” shows that the Blowtops influences don’t stop at the Five Boroughs.

The Blowtops have released several singles, ten inch Eps, and two full length records on such labels as Estrus and Big Neck to critical acclaim before gracing Reptilian with this killer seven inch. Then again, fuck what the critics think. Find out for yourself!

A1 Surgeon's Hands
A2 Deep Six
B New Orleans Death Waltz

All songs written by the Blowtops, except "Deep Six" by Big Black.
Recorded at Voodoo Alley.
Side A at 33 1/3 RPM, side B at 45 RPM.

Pressing Information

200 red vinyl / 200 trash mixed vinyl / 600 black vinyl