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1 Good Bye Face
2 Calm Song
3 The List (Filth)
4 The Lonesome Waltz Of Leonard Cohen
5 The Sobering Moment Of One Violin
6 You And Your Lumbering Body Of Death
7 Goin South
8 Cip Len Rae
9 More Complicated Than A Sci-Fi Flick
10 Diagram For A Suicide
11 Mary Get Your Knife
12 The Longer Now
13 Wood And Ink
14 Machine Revisited
15 A Classic Case Of...
16 My Application To Heaven
17 More Complicated Than A Sci-Fi Flick
18 A Gun

When Pageninetynine ended as a band in May 2003, Reptilian released the fourteenth and final document, "Singles". Collecting for the first time on CD all of the 7" vinyl and demo output of Pg. 99, "Singles" is an important monument to the band. From the cassette-only demo “Document #1”, through the splits with Enemy Soil and Reactor No.7, up to the final 7” split with Circle Takes the Square, they’re all here. They’re all newly remastered and collected in one place.

Liner notes by JR Hayes of PIG DESTROYER

Available as a CD or a Digital Download in the format of your choice!

Pressing Information

There was an LP pressing in 2011 done by Robotic Empire.

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