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“Passion” is a funny word, often overused or ill-applied. There are a million bands and a trillion artists and all of them want to viewed as passionate about their work. But do you, John Q. Consumer, buy that? Hell, emo bands are a dime a dozen, and even the metalheads want you to know they REALLY care…about what, no one knows.

But Exosus is the real deal, bub. On their first record for Reptilian Records, they tear themselves apart, blazing through four explosive tracks. This is the crusty metallic hardcore equivalent of a grease burn. Singer Allen Higgs rips his voice asunder, while the collective team of Henry, Joshy, Adam and Rebecca (vocalist in Flowers in the Attic, bassist in MULTICULT) throw gasoline of the fire. Their music outweighs their youth, and yeah, a lot of bands do the “heavy/young/pissed” thing, but Exosus crushes them, taking the sound of bands like Catharsis, old Converge, and At the Gates and turning the politics personal. Killer die-cut gatefold cover design by drummer Joshy

A1 Feed The Furnace
A2 We Are The Cancer
B1 Natural Disasters
B2 Worst Night Of My Fucking Life

Pressing Information

1000 red vinyl singles in die-cut gatefold sleeve