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Filthy and overcrowded to the point of insanity, New York City’s bleak political and social realities have always shaped the music, lyrics, and lives of the punk bands that inhabit it. CELEBRITY MURDERS are simply the latest to scream back. Formed in 2003 by guitarist Mike DeLorenzo (KILL YOUR IDOLS, C.R.) and vocalist Artie Philie (INDECISION, MILHOUSE), this band ignores the usual bullshit clichés and gimmicks in favor of music as sincere and passionate as it is violent and offensive. Easily identifiable influences to this end include the bone-grinding hardcore of legendary shit-disturbers such as INFEST, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, BORN AGAINST, SHEER TERROR, and of course BLACK FLAG.
Quickly selling out of nearly a thousand copies of their 2003 demo while playing shows with the likes of PAINT IT BLACK, DROP DEAD, SICK OF IT ALL, FUCKED UP, CAREER SUICIDE, DAS OATH, SUBMISSION HOLD, FORWARD TO DEATH, and CRIME IN STEREO, the lineup of CELEBRITY MURDERS shuffled slightly last year to include Elway (C.R., MURDOCK) on drums, Sean McCann (MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD, THE DYING LIGHT) on bass, and Brian Van Meehan (KILL YOUR IDOLS, MILHOUSE) on second guitar. A collectors’ edition 7” EP sold out almost as quickly as it was released, and outstanding reviews began to surface in stalwart punk ‘zines like Maximum Rock n’ Roll and HeartattaCk.

Mike De Lorenzo: guitar Sean McCann: bass
Artie Philie: words Brian Van Meehan: other guitar Elway: drums

Review from HEX Records-

In the late 90’s a guy by the name of Artie Phillie came to my attention because he was the maniac frontman of a band called Milhouse. That band was bonkers. Not only was he a witty, envelope-pushing comedian of the darkest nature as a frontman, his lyrics were crammed full of incredible prose, brimming with clever wordplay and devious intention. He had a pretty damn good voice too. So when that band went kaput he joined up with Milhouse axe-shredder Brian Meehan and a couple guys I’m pretty sure were in either C.R. or Black Army Jacket, or both, to form Celebrity Murders. It was quite the combination of Long Island hardcore awesomeness. I guess there are some similarities to Milhouse, as Phillie continued his vocal killing spree, packing each song with dense amounts of lyrics that could convert listeners to Chuck Palahniuk-level misanthropes. But while Milhouse dabbled in some post-hardcore grooves and a fair share of Deadguy-esque freakouts Celebrity Murders, for the most part, went with ripping fast hardcore. There’s a few moments scattered here and there where they introduce a massive riff, or some noisy breakdown, or a moment of Rorschach-style crust-prog. But by and large, they opted for wholesale slaughter by plowing through 18 tracks in under 30 minutes, on this, their lone LP. The band previously had a 7”/demo, and I believe maybe a comp appearance or two, and that was it. So if you’ve got a bone to pick with life, and need a soundtrack to rip shit up to, this isn’t a bad place to start. (Chainsaw Safety/ ReptilianRecords)
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A1 Proxy Violence
A2 Bad Credit
A3 Total Fucking Overload
A4 Suddenly: Vermin
A5 Railed!
A6 Victim Culture
A7 Return Of The Leper
A8 Vomitorium
B1 War On The Telephone
B2 Learning To Love Capitalism
B3 Today The Bathroom, Tomorrow The World
B4 My Grandmother The Race War
B5 All Hail, Glacier!
B6 Shit Miracles
B7 Postpartum Exorcism
B8 The Headache
B9 Get Digested
B10 Russell Jones (unlisted)

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500 red vinyl