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The sound of Baltimore is the noisekrieg. Named by Eric Neal of Shitdogs of War, it is attitude, blast, sound and fury. It is embodied by the blast beats of Triac, the fuzz and storm of Shitdogs of War and, most of all, the cathartic explosion of Flowers in the Attic. On their new EP, “Human”, Flowers in the Attic again divebombs a slowly-suspecting public with five cuts of metal-flavored scumrock.

A lot has changed since the release of Flowers in the Attic’s first, eponymous EP (REP075). Drummer Ryan Caskie left for mysterious lands. Singer Rebecca Burchette strapped on a bass for labelmates Exosus. Meanwhile, guitarist Kenny Harvey and bassist Kevin Bernsten holed up in their south Baltimore compound and began writing. A 7” slipped out from DC label McCarthyism, Inc., hinting at a further progression of FITA’s base sound. New drummer Adam stepped in and began pounding the skins. Shows were few and far between. Yet from those shows sprang tales of a maturing sound; still deadly and powerful, but more venomous.

Taking a cue from peers like Baroness and Lords, Flowers in the Attic’s music became almost Southern in flavor. It was akin to watching the early performances of Mastodon, or Botch in their heyday. The observer, no matter how casual, can see the formation of a powerhouse quartet on their way up. Brutally engineered by Bruce Falkinburg of the Hidden Hand over two days in the summer of 2005, “Human” captures one of the great moments in this era of punk rock.

A1 Please Kill Me So I Don't Have To
A2 The Shrewd Industrious Traitor
A3 I Give In
B1 I Give Up
B2 Extinct

Pressing Information

split release with McCarthyism Records
500 10" records on green vinyl