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Nevermind is album number two for Clockcleaner, and number one for Reptilian – the label these triplets were born for. Heads are turning, and ears are burning. Nevermind’s sonic assault is a veritable landscape of Panzer tanks frolicking across the Polish countryside of Political Correctness and all things hallowed by delicate journalists and limp-wristed soundmen. Like the best of Midwest noise-rock from the era prior to the current one in which most bands wear eyeliner, Clockcleaner hammers on the clanging, sheet-metalled riffing, thudding out the low end with concussive drum n’ bass.

At it’s most polite and generally appealing, this is as good as anything the Chicago or Minneapolis cranked out in the late eighties and early nineties. At it’s nastiest, this is Flipper or the Dwarves tossing unopened beer cans at your girlfriend’s unsuspecting face from the stage while feedback howls a few feet away. We at Reptilian like that kind of atmosphere; it’s how rock and roll should be. Nothing like a volley of bottles, cans, lit fireworks, and other projectiles to get the party started.

1 Interview W/ A Black Man
2 Missing Dick
3 New Slow
4 Deaf Man Talking
5 In The Shit
6 Blood Driver
7 Gentle Swastika
9 Early Man

Available as a CD or a Digital Download in the format of your choice!

Pressing Information

A limited edition vinyl pressing was done in 2010 by Fan Death Records.