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Man Hands for Rump Lust, aside from boasting the finest album title since Turbonegro’s Ass Cobra, is a propulsive, driving sledge of downtuned, raw post-hardcore riffage, as discordant and feedback drenched as class of ‘82 Black Flag, raw and jugular-savaging as the cruelest Unsane, tempered only by the twisted angularity of the Jesus Lizard. The vocals alternately yowl and howl, throaty screams from a place most people will never visit or understand – much less want to. A lot of bands pretend to this throne, few succeed. Gunna Vahm, like its parent outfit, Midiron Blast Shaft, boasts a concussive rhythm section bearing down with subharmonic tones, a down-tuned distillation of dirty metal and sludgy punk riffing, contorted David Yow-like vocals, and a frightening strangeness at the core of each song. That’s the part most bands miss – the X factor, the unnameable weirdness ya just can’t teach. You have it, or you don’t. You can’t fake it, and you have it, you can’t shake it.
But that’s Philly’s Gunna Vahm, and this is their debut: a daunting, powerful, and surgically precise blend of early American throwback hardcore grafted to the unburied corpse of noise rock.

1 Semen
2 Whips
3 Bow Down
4 Whore Out The Hole
5 Passionate Lady
6 ...And Now I'm Gay
7 24 Cans

Midiron Blast Shaft member Jeff Brehony on vocals/guitar

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