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This is the second Birth (Defects) single and it rips. Two mid-tempo stompers here, face down in the trough, kicking around a modern (stupid?) notion of a noise rock band where an actual noise rig is part of the action. “Hanshin” is about watching a Japanese baseball team lose night after night, halfway around the world at 3 A.M., and “Demands” is about a liar, painted in terms even liars can understand (two chords, interrupted by squeals of feedback). Both are harsh, like taking a quart of wing sauce across your tear ducts, and for that we can thank Shaun Sutkus of Perfect Pussy for the recording job, which amplifies everything we understood about Birth (Defects) to an ungainly and misanthropic conclusion. Made in a very small, very uncomfortable room, you can hear every second of that discomfort hitting the walls, your eardrums, getting in your hair. It’s the most pummeling rock this side of Camden Yards.

Art /Layout Terence Hannum (Locrian)


Vinyl purchase includes digital download (automatically sent to you on release date)
All downloads come with a surprise bonus track - A raw cover of The Lees Of Memory "Let's Turn Our Love Up Loud" w/ The Lampshades

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100 yellow vinyl (50 with Japanese text on cover)
200 black

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