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HOARIES / BEIGE EAGLE BOYS ltd. split 10" REP 134

If the infamous Faith/Void split album taught us anything, it’s that inequality is the rule, not the exception. There were a lot of Faith’s in the world, but only one Void. So here we are releasing a Hoaries/Beige Eagle Boys split, and it’s a damn good thing there’s two Void sides on this one, three mammoth blasts of gut punch noise rock each. So whether or not you think the Hoaries are side A and the Beige Eagle Boys are side B, or vice versa, either way, you’re taking a beating. But this beating is limited to only 300 copies, so get on it quick.

Picture the Hoaries as a mega-distorted Devo trapped in a freight elevator with US Maple. It’s really the only image that fits. Born from the syrupy destruction of Amrep’s White Drugs, the Hoaries stab and bang out a spare, mathy, aggressive brand of noise rock, as tuneful as it is chaotic. But there’s a method to that chaos, a structure in the din. Rigid, stabby guitars keep things lean and weird, and the drums and bass chase each other around the heavy duty, post everything weirdness.

Then there’s the Beige Eagle Boys, and it’s not as though they’ve gotten any less relentlessly loud, blown out and menacing. And that’s the best part! From the gargantuan headbanger “Are You Goin’ With Me” to the grimy dirge of “You’re Bleeding”, this Detroit trio’s assault and wail is only getting more brutal with time.

Bonus Round: Each band manhandles an 80’s tune on this release, with the Beige Eagle Boys stump-grinding Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me Baby”, and the Hoaries turning Cabaret Voltaire’s “Product Patrol” into something far weirder, and far better than the original songwriters could have intended.

Super limited edition to coincide with HOARIES east coast incursion!

1. Degladiator
2. Part Knocks
3. Product Patrol (Cabaret Voltaire)

1. Are You Goin’ With Me?
2. You’re Bleeding (Out of My Eyes)
3. Don’t You Want Me? (the Human League)

Mastered by Doug Milton at 9250av
Cover painting by Mark Heggie
Layout by Jeremy Zombie

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Pressing Information

300 copies on lime green vinyl

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