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Bonkers hardcore/noise rock from Connecticut filled with snot, vitriol, and contempt. Soaked in sweat, alcohol, and likely some other substances, Maniacal vocals with a post-hardcore groove.

"Sometimes in life you come across a band or a song or an album and wonder: what the fuck was I doing in my life up until this point that I’ve not yet come across this. In addition to heart-wrenching retroactive FOMO, you’ll likely feel a strong sense of betrayal. How could someone not have referred me to this? You people call yourself friends?...
...The music itself is a beautiful custom blend of noise, hardcore, and punk. Though (vocalist) Tarek claims to hate writing them, his lyrics are fantastic. A targeted, brilliant wordsmith I aspire to someday match in skill. In listening I’m reminded of Pissed Jeans, Infinity Land, and fan-favorite, Chat Pile. Of the band's writing process I’m told “one of us will just come up with a dope ass riff and just ride off of it.”
- Abbie Bateman,


1. An Even Briefer History Of A Drowning Boy
2. Peter WoodCock's Dick Beaters
3. Sorry I Missed Your Set
4. Dr. Catheter
5. Christine Chubbuck Sock Puppet Theatre
6. No Country For Old Crow
7. Sweet Dreams Sour Milk
8. Crop Circle Jerk
9. Pagliacci Was Ahead Of His Time

Tarek - Vocals
Sean - Guitar
Pete - Bass
Caleb - Drums

This is a split label release with Constant Disappointment Records

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