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power-take-Off - CACOPHONY LP REP 167

In the cacophony of contemporary noise rock, Power-take-Off emerges like a primal force, drowning you in waves of distorted drone infused with subterranean sub-sonics and seismic thuds, punctuated by moments of nuanced psychosis.
This isn't just music; it's a confrontation spewing out paranoid diatribes that crawl under your skin.
While soaking in this album's menacing aura you will be assaulted with ominous original pieces as well as a few possibly familiar covers, where PtO burrows deep below the surface of songs that were already relentless and twisted to mine even more frightening audio sludge. A tip of the hat to a few sinister influences.
So who's behind this parade of the horribles anyway? Power-take-Off is the work of Gus Engstrom of the defunct Grids (a killing spree of a band in their own right) and a revolving cast of musical miscreants. Together they mount a visceral auditory barrage on your ears, a claustrophobic labyrinth of paranoia for you to frolic in.
If you have any Rusted Shut, Clockcleaner, Head Of David, King Snake Roost, Swans, Harvey Milk, SUNN, Melvins, or Flipper in your record collection, then I believe you've found a winner here.


Both sides of the vinyl end in a LOCK GROOVE for endless enjoyment!

Includes digital download!


Pressing Information

500 copies on pink/silver mix